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A-formet/Prinsesse Øse Sash/Pyntebånd/Belte Kort ermer Korte Chiffong Brudepikekjoler

Market Pris: kr 4 837

Salgs Pris: kr 731

(85% AV)

* Obligatoriske felt

Produktkode 50467
Arstid Vår,Sommer,Høst
Materiale Chiffong
Halsutskjæring Øse
Silhuett A-formet/Prinsesse
Armlengde Kort erme
Utsmykning Sash/Pyntebånd/Belte
Midje Naturlig
Rygg Glidlås
Hemline/Tog Knelengde
Vist Farge Rosa
Pakkevekt 1500.0000

A-formet/Prinsesse Øse Sash/Pyntebånd/Belte Kort ermer Korte Chiffong Brudepikekjoler

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  • brown
  • blue
  • black
  • champagne
  • chocolate
  • daffodil
  • burgundy
  • dark green
  • dark navy
  • gold
  • grape
  • green
  • hunter
  • fuchsia
  • ivory
  • lavender
  • light sky blue
  • lilac
  • orange
  • pearl pink
  • pink
  • red
  • regency
  • royal blue
  • sage
  • watermelon
  • silver
  • white


  1. A-formet/Prinsesse Båthals Lange ermer Blonder Chiffong Kort slep Kjoler

    Market Pris: kr 5 330

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 063

  2. Kappe/Kolonne V-hals Palliet-belagt Kjoleslep Ermeløs Jersey Kjoler

    Market Pris: kr 5 568

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 394

  3. A-formet V-hals Ermeløs Kjoleslep med Perler Tyll Kjoler

    Market Pris: kr 5 015

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 326

  4. Trompet/Havfrue Lett-av-skulderen Ermeløs Blonder Perler Kjoleslep Kjoler

    Market Pris: kr 5 916

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 156

  5. Ballkjole Ermeløs Lett-av-skulderen med Applikasjoner Tyll Kjoleslep Kjoler

    Market Pris: kr 5 117

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 386

  6. A-formet/Prinsesse Kort ermer Øse Kjoleslep Applikasjoner Chiffong Kjoler

    Market Pris: kr 5 160

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 233

  1. Ballkjole Lange ermer Båthals Satin Gulvlengde Kjoler

    Market Pris: kr 5 041

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 190

  2. A-formet/Prinsesse Øse Ermeløs Kjoleslep Applikasjoner Chiffong Kjoler

    Market Pris: kr 4 777

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 131

  3. A-formet/Prinsesse Øse Ermeløs Chiffong Gulvlengde Kjoler

    Market Pris: kr 5 168

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 301

  4. A-formet V-hals Gulvlengde Satin Ermeløs med Volanger Kjoler

    Market Pris: kr 4 990

    Salgs Pris: kr 969

  5. Ballkjole Ermeløs Juvel Satin Gulvlengde Kjoler

    Market Pris: kr 4 573

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 275

  6. Trompet/Havfrue Ermeløs V-hals Spandex Kort slep Kjoler

    Market Pris: kr 5 092

    Salgs Pris: kr 969

  1. A-formet/Prinsesse Ermeløs Høy Hals Tyll Perler Gulvlengde Kjoler

    Market Pris: kr 4 786

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 335

  2. A-formet/Prinsesse Ermeløs Lett-av-skulderen Asymmetrisk Applikasjoner Organza Kjoler

    Market Pris: kr 4 964

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 309

  3. Ballkjole Ermeløs Lett-av-skulderen med Applikasjoner Satin Gulvlengde Kjoler

    Market Pris: kr 5 109

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 335

  4. A-formet V-hals Ermeløs Gulvlengde Silkesateng Kjoler

    Market Pris: kr 4 599

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 377

  5. A-formet/Prinsesse Ermeløs Grime Chiffong Gulvlengde To Stykke Kjoler

    Market Pris: kr 4 947

    Salgs Pris: kr 969

  6. Ballkjole V-hals Ermeløs Kort slep Tyll Kjoler

    Market Pris: kr 5 092

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 182

  1. A-formet/Prinsesse V-hals Ermeløs Applikasjoner Tyll Kjoleslep Kjoler

    Market Pris: kr 6 086

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 411

  2. Trompet/Havfrue V-hals Ermeløs Kjoleslep Applikasjoner Tyll Kjoler

    Market Pris: kr 5 134

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 428

  3. A-formet V-hals Gulvlengde Tyll Ermeløs med Applikasjoner Kjoler

    Market Pris: kr 4 947

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 386

  4. Kappe/Kolonne Øse Blonder Lange ermer Lange Chiffong Kjoler

    Market Pris: kr 6 324

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 216

  5. Ballkjole Lange ermer Lett-av-skulderen med Perler Satin Kort slep Kjoler

    Market Pris: kr 4 956

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 335

  6. A-formet/Prinsesse Ren Hals Lange ermer Blonder Gulvlengde Chiffong Kjoler

    Market Pris: kr 5 134

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 165


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just wondering can i get this in a aqua with a silver bow/belt??




I ordered 6 dreeses in this style in Sage Green with Ivory Belt and the colours are stunning together.




Fantastic, fit perfectly thankyou so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I was recommended this site by a friend who also bought her bridesmaids dresses from here, she was very pleased with her dresses. I bought two of these dresses in fushia pink for my bridesmaids. I was a bit apprehensive about ordering online however I am glad I did because the dresses are beautiful, really good quality and are excellent value for money. The size guide was useful and the dresses fitted well, just a little big around the bust but getting them altered for a small price, but I don’t mind as the dresses were considerably cheaper then dresses I had seen on bridal websites and in wedding dress shops. I would recommend this site to anyone who is looking for bridal/occasion wear.

Else Merete



Hey! I really want to buy this dress, but I am worried that the dress could be to big even if I take the smallest size....

Super contente



J'ai commandé cette robe sur mesure et je l'ai reçue il y a 2 jour :




My daughter chose the sage dress with beige belt for her bridesmaid dresses. The sage is more like a very soft mint color which is quite beautiful as is the material. Two of the bridesmaid dresses ordered in size 2 and 4 fit perfectly. My daughters was custom ordered as she is large busted with a small waist. There were a couple problems but when I contacted the company their customer service was excellent and the problem was resolved quickly. Couldn't be happier with their service. A+. Regarding shipping time, I was amazed at how fast we received the dress. Would definitely order from here again as overall quality of dress is very good.

Petra Hanson



This was one of the most beautifully well made dresses I've ever seen. It was exactly what I wanted for my best friend's wedding. I got it in the dark navy and it looked stunning, couldn't be happier.




I purchased this as a bridesmaid dress (black) for my sister's wedding. The construction of the dress is very good. The boning helps keep the shape of the dress and the material is very nice.

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